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Into bark and pore
   the cold vapor
a foreign light
    strange gravity

All turns
as if in a truce,

Caught in the

you are forgotten—


Literary Agency Clients — our writers & illustrators

Prospect Agency is proud of its talented artists. Each brings a unique voice to the literary world. Although they write and illustrate across an array of genres, they all share the combination of talent and imagination that represent the ideals of Prospect Agency. Browse the profiles and writing excerpts below, or use the search tool to filter by genre and/or keyword.
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  • Literary agency writers - Jessica Arnold

    Jessica Arnold

    Jessica Arnold has sworn she will never try skydiving, but she also said she wouldn't ever write a book and look how that turned out. Her first novel, The Looking Glass (Month9Books, January 2014), is about a girl who finds herself trapped in a haunted hotel and has to solve a decades-old mystery to save her own life. A passionate publishing nerd, Jessica's day job is at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, where she is a digital production associate working on cookbooks. Because of this she always has more recipes to try than she has time for and more beautiful books than she has bookshelves to hold. But such is life. She has a master's degree in publishing and writing from Emerson College. You can find out more about her at

  • Literary agency writers - Kristen Ashley

    Kristen Ashley

    Kristen Ashley has published over 30 books since she started publishing in March of 2011. Goodreads and Amazon describes them as "addictive" and a typical review (this one found at Tough Critic Book Reviews) might describe her books as "crack laced in heroine dipped in Patron!" Kristen is a "hybrid" author, being both self-published and traditionally published. Some of her popular series include The Dream Man Series, The Colorado Mountain Series, The Rock Chick Series and The Unfinished Heroes Series. Born in Gary, Indiana and currently living in Phoenix, Arizona by way of Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England, Kristen has always dreamed of connecting to readers with her imperfect characters and sharing her vision that a good heart always finds love in the end.

  • Literary agency writers - Colette Auclair

    Colette Auclair

    Colette Auclair began life in Pittsburgh, writing stories in goldenrod notebooks. After studying theater and advertising at Northwestern University, she spent her formative years as a copywriter in Manhattan, where she absorbed lots of theater and a few martinis. Then she landed in Colorado and accidentally wrote a romance novel—Thrown—which became a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist. It's the first book in Colette's Aspen Valley series, followed by Jumped and Branded, all published by Simon & Schuster's Pocket Star. Colette lives near Denver with her actor husband, elegant Thoroughbred mare and thoroughly put-upon Portuguese Water Dog. Learn more at

  • Literary agency writers - Annie Bach

    Annie Bach

    Annie Bach has been drawing since she was a little girl and still loves to create the same playful, whimsical creatures she imagined as a child. Annie draws inspiration from animals and nature, and brings her characters to life through digital media, paint, and ink. She lives with her husband, daughter, and two pugs in Seattle, Washington.

  • Literary agency writers - M. Molly Backes

    M. Molly Backes

    Molly Backes grew up in Wisconsin, where she began writing about the world around her. At age four she penned her first story, "Raccoons Looking in a Mailbox, " asking readers to grapple with the important question: What are those raccoons looking for? After graduating from Grinnell College, Molly moved to New Mexico, where she got 150 middle schoolers to write novels with her for NaNoWriMo. Her first YA novel, The Princesses of Iowa, will be published by Candlewick Press in Spring 2012. Molly lives in Chicago, writes for young adults, and stops to pet every dog she sees. Check out her blog at

  • Literary agency writers - Bridget Baker

    Bridget Baker

    Bridget Baker graduated with a Bachelor's degree from BYU in two years and then finished law school at the University of Texas at the age of 22. Years later, she discovered law was kind of boring. Now she does as little legal work as possible and writes young adult novels instead. She lives with her four children, her smashingly handsome husband and her fluffy, yappy dog in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. She eats at least five cookies a day, avoids chocolate whenever possible, and loves kickboxing. So if you don't like her books, I wouldn't tell her that in person.

  • Literary agency writers - Ale Barba

    Ale Barba

    Ale Barba has been making art for as long as she can remember. She started painting at an early age creating holiday and birthday cards for her family. It wasn't until a co-worker at a children's museum told her artists can "actually" make a living that the idea of illustrating for a career even occurred to her. That was six years ago and Ale has been working as an illustrator ever since. She has been published in Mexico, Denmark, Colombia and Spain, and has won numerous awards for her artwork world wide. Ale was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and still lives there today. She is currently working on several projects which she has written and illustrated that are due out for submission. To see more of Ale's work visit:

  • Literary agency writers - Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

    Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

    Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen never thought she'd grow up to be a writer. She'd thought of being a doctor (but she's afraid of blood), a model (but she likes to eat), or the president (but she had a dissolute youth)— so much for childhood dreams. Sudipta is the author of over 35 books for children, including picture books such as Half Pint Pete the Pirate, illustrated by Geraldo Valério (Putnam), Hampire!, illustrated by Howard Fine (HarperCollins), and Chicks Run Wild, illustrated by Ward Jenkins (Simon & Schuster). She'll also soon be launching a new series of early middle grade novels. Sudipta often visits schools to share her stories, and teaches writing to children and adults. She lives in New Jersey with her three children and an imaginary pony named Penny. Find her on the web at

  • Literary agency writers - Alice CE Bauer

    A.C.E. Bauer

    A.C.E. Bauer has been telling and writing stories since childhood. After a break while she worked as an attorney, writing legal briefs and telling stories about her clients, she has returned to fiction, writing children's books and short stories for all ages. She is the author of the middle-grade novels No Castles Here and Come Fall, as well as the YA novel Gil Marsh (all published by Random House). Born and raised in Montreal, A.C.E. Bauer spends most of the year in New England, and much of the summer on a lake in Quebec. To learn more about her writing, visit her website at

  • Literary agency writers - Jake Bell

    Jake Bell

    Jake Bell declared his intention to be a writer when he was seven years old. His mother gave him one piece of advice: "Get a good day job." After fifteen years in the job market, Jake had been a sportscaster, a magician, a disc jockey, a bagel baker, professional wrestling referee, a college English instructor, and a minor league second baseman, and earned a BA and MBA—but he hadn't gotten much writing done. Finally, during a stint of unemployment, Jake got fed up with trying to find a good day job and wrote his first middle grade novel, Secret Identity Crisis. This is the first of four superhero books in The Amazing Adventures of Nate Banks series (Scholastic), with cover illustrations and a special full-color comic inserts by Chris Giarrusso. Jake lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his two kids. Find him on the web at

  • Literary agency writers - Serena Bell

    Serena Bell

    USA Today Bestselling author Serena Bell writes books for Harlequin Blaze and Random House's Loveswept imprint about how sex messes with your head, why smart people do stupid things sometimes, and how love can make it all better. Serena wrote her first steamy romance before she was old enough to understand what all the words meant and has been perfecting the art of hiding pages and screens from curious eyes ever since—a skill that's particularly useful now that she's a mother of two. When she's not scribbling stories or getting her butt kicked at Scrabble by her kids, she's practicing modern dance improv in the kitchen, swimming laps, hiking, or reading on one of her large collection of electronic devices. You can find Serena online at

  • Literary agency writers - Amy Benoit

    Amy Benoit

    Amy Benoit was a reluctant reader growing up until she met 12 little girls from Paris with wide-brimmed hats and matching yellow outfits who walked in two straight lines – the youngest of which was Madeline. For the past two decades, Amy has been hanging out in third grade inspiring students to find books that speak to them. Amy focuses on picture book writing with co-author Sue Lovejoy. Mixing whimsy and sensibility with friendship and fodder, Amy and Sue write picture books they hope will make kids guffaw out loud. Wacky, wild and wonderful are the must haves for their stories. Amy is a long-time member of Massachusetts SCBWI.

  • Literary agency writers - Amanda Berry

    Amanda Berry

    After an exciting life as a CPA, Amanda Berry took up writing when her husband swept the family off to England to live for a year. Now she's hooked, and since returning to the states spends her writing days concocting spicy contemporaries and dark paranormal romances while her cats try in vain to pry her hands off the keyboard. Her Marlene award-winning contemporary romance, L.A. Cinderella, will debut from Harlequin Silhouette Special Edition in June 2010. From gritty paranormals to glowing contemporaries, one thing remains the same—love and happily ever after. Amanda lives in the Midwest with her husband and two children. For more about Amanda and her books, please visit

  • Literary agency writers - Veronica Bird

    Veronica Bird

    Veronica Bird knew from the moment she picked up her first Barbara Cartland novel that romance was in her blood. Her first historical romance, The Pirate's Apprentice (out for submission), is the steamy tale of a headstrong English lady who receives lessons in seduction from a roguish yet irresistible captain of a pirate ship. When she is not writing, Veronica can be found keeping her two-year-old son from tackling her five-year-old daughter (and the dog from tackling them both). She aspires to one day sit down and watch a movie all the way through without interruption. Veronica is a graduate of University of Minnesota Twin Cities, where she majored in creative writing.

  • Literary agency writers - Susan Blumberg-Kason

    Susan Blumberg-Kason

    Susan Blumberg-Kason spent her childhood in suburban Chicago dreaming of the neon street signs and double-decker buses of Hong Kong. As soon as she was old enough, she moved there to study. Susan spent most of her twenties living in Hong Kong, where she met and quickly married a musician from central China. Her memoir, Good Chinese Wife (Sourcebooks, 2014), recounts her years in a Chinese family as a wife, daughter-in-law, and mother. Remarried and back in suburban Chicago, Susan lives with her husband, three children, and a clingy cat. She is working on another memoir about her family's ties to Shanghai during World War II. You can find Susan online at

  • Literary agency writers - Jennifer Boyd and Laura Conant

    Jennifer Boyd & Laura Conant

    Jennifer Boyd and Laura Conant are sisters who have decided to patch up years of name calling and hair pulling by writing a book together. As the mom of a toddler and a biology and environmental sciences professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Jennifer juggles strained yams with mid-term exams while using effective everyday ways to reduce her family's environmental footprint. She earned her doctorate in earth and environmental sciences from Columbia University and a bachelor's degree in environmental science and English from Allegheny College. Laura Conant also graduated from Allegheny College with a degree in environmental science and is currently a natural resources graduate student at the University of Vermont. Laura is a proud aunt, competitive peek-a-boo player, and volunteer mentor to young girls in the Burlington area. While they've authored and co-authored a number of scientific articles, the eco-parenting guide Mind Your Mother Earth!: Fifty Ways to Green Up Your Parenting of Infants, Teens and Kids In Between is Jennifer and Laura's first book. They are enjoying taking a break from writing about photosynthesis and soil nitrogen in favor of some witty banter.

  • Literary agency writers - Steve Breen

    Steve Breen

    Steve Breen was born in Los Angeles and attended the University of California at Riverside. He has been the editorial cartoonist for The San Diego Union-Tribune since 2001. His work is nationally syndicated by Creators News Service and regularly appears in USA Today, The New York Times and Newsweek. Steve is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning (1998, 2009). He is also the recipient of the 2007 Berryman Award for editorial cartooning given by the National Press Foundation, The 2008 Thomas Nast Award given by The Overseas Press Club and the 2009 National Headliner Award. Steve has written and illustrated three books for children including Stick (Dial, 2007), Violet The Pilot (Dial, 2008) and The Secret of Santa's Island (Dial, 2009). Steve lives in San Diego with his wife and four children. He enjoys reading, running, playing the guitar and piano and watching old movies on cable.

  • Literary agency writers - Paul Paolilli and Dan Brewer

    Dan Brewer & Paul Paolilli

    Dan Brewer and Paul Paolilli are an uncle and nephew team who have collaborated on many creative projects over the years. Their first picture book, Silver Seeds (Viking Children's Books, 2001) received the 2002 International Reading Association's Award for Best Children's Book by first time authors. Dan and Paul's passion to teach and learn has drawn them both into education; Dan teaches high school English and Paul is a school psychologist. They credit their strong Italian tradition of family and food, nature and song for providing the foundation for their imaginations. They are currently working on more picture books, as well as their first middle grade novel.

  • Literary agency writers - Meagan Brothers

    Meagan Brothers

    Meagan Brothers published her debut novel for young adults, Debbie Harry Sings in French, in 2008 by Henry Holt & Co. It was a selection in the Kirkus First Fiction special section, listed as one of YALSA's Best Books for Young Adults for 2009, and included in the New York Public Library's Stuff for the Teen Age 2009. The book received a starred review in PW, and Booklist proclaimed it "an easy recommendation for reluctant readers." It was followed in 2012 by a prequel, Supergirl Mixtapes, also published by Henry Holt. She is also the author of Drinking People, an adult novel set in a dusty Texas town that explores the relationship between father, daughter, and their writing (out for submission), as well as another YA novel, Teenage FBI (out for submission). Her chapbook of poems, 1978, was published by CafeMo Press in 2001. A native Carolinian, Meagan currently lives and works in New York City.

    Read excerpts from Meagan Brothers

  • Literary agency writers - Janice Broyles

    Janice Broyles

    Janice Broyles, a Michigan native, has been telling stories since she was a little girl. Now that she's a grown up she teaches writing and has done so for the last fifteen years. In her free time though, you will still find her writing down her stories, including her young adult novel, Falling too Deep. Check out her blog (and learn about her writing process) at Musings by Janice, or follow her on Twitter @JaniceBroyles1.

  • Literary agency writers - Gregory Bruno

    Gregory Bruno

    Gregory Bruno worked as a journalist for over a decade, writing about Washington for The New York Times, Nepal for Foreign Affairs, and Tibetan minorities for The Guardian. A native of Vermont and a graduate of Skidmore College, Gregory has reported from the Middle East and North Africa, and covered the Arab Spring revolutions as editor of the opinion page at The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi. But these days Gregory, who is a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, most enjoys investigating the intersection of culture and politics in Asia, the focus of his current project. He is a frequent visitor to the Tibetan areas of India, where the momo, a Tibetan dumpling, is one of his favorite afternoon snacks.

  • Literary agency writers - Laura Byrne

    Laura Byrne

    Laura Byrne spends her days around high school sports and the young adults that play them. Therefore, it's no surprise that her debut YA manuscript, Unnecessary Roughness (due out for submission), is a football story, one that deals with aggression on—and off—the field. As editor-in-chief for a popular New Jersey high school football website (, Laura helps aspiring student writers get their work noticed and local athletes gain recognition. She's also a board member of the New Jersey chapter of the National Football Foundation, the first female member in eighteen years of existence. Laura is a former middle grades teacher and an MFA graduate from Vermont College. She lives in Mendham, New Jersey, with two sons and a daughter, who have collectively played football, basketball, soccer, wrestling, lacrosse and track on both the high school and college levels.

  • Literary agency writers - Elizabeth Batten-Carew, Opal Carew

    Opal Carew

    Opal Carew writes erotic romance for St. Martin's Press. In May 2006 (on Opal's wedding anniversary), Emily Sylvan Kim called to invite her into the Prospect family of authors. Within a week, Emily had sold Twin Fantasies to Rose Hilliard at St. Martin's Press as part of a three-book deal! Now Opal is writing three books a year for St. Martin's Press, as well as writing for Samhain Publishing. She also writes various romance subgenres as Amber Carew. Her books have won or been finalists for several awards, including the National Readers' Choice Award, Award of Excellence, HOLT Medallion, Laurel Wreath Award, Golden Leaf and the Passionate Plume Award. She was also named "Fresh Face of Erotic Fiction 2009" in Canada. Before publishing with St. Martin's Press, Opal wrote for New Concepts Publishing and Loose Id. She wrote everything from short stories to full-length novellas and in several difference subgenres of romance. Opal earned a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and spent 15 years as a software analyst before turning to her passions as a writer. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two sons, and three cats. To learn more about Opal, visit her website at, or contact her at

  • Literary agency writers - Monica Carnesi

    Mônica Scheliga Carnesi

    Mônica Carnesi hails from sunny Brazil. She is crazy about (in no particular order) children's books, art supplies and animals. Monica works as a librarian in Philadelphia, a perfect fit for her interests. She draws, paints and doodles constantly and is happily building her own personal library of picture books from all over the world. Working in pen and ink, watercolor, and color pencil media, Monica uses loose lines and white space to aim for art with a simple, uncluttered look. Her first picture book, Little Dog Lost: The True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic (Nancy Paulsen Books / 2012) received starred reviews from The Horn Book and The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books. Mônica is currently working on her 2nd picture (forthcoming from Nancy Paulsen Books / Penguin USA). Learn more about Mônica on her website and blog.

  • Literary agency illustrators - Kit Chase and Adam Chase

    Kit Chase & Adam Chase

    Kit Chase and Adam Chase are a husband and wife team, who after love, marriage, and a couple of baby carriages, decided to merge their abilities and write and illustrate children's stories. Kit, a children's illustrator, began her drawing career early in life on the pages of her mother's books and walls. Her work for children is sold internationally, and retailed in children's shops around the world. Adam, a writer, got his start telling long, winding stories to his menagerie of stuffed animals. By day, he is a mild mannered construction worker, but when night falls, he is given to wild flights of fancy, which he captures in stories. Kit, Adam, and Offspring make their home in Sunny, Southern California. They are currently working on their first picture book about friendship, foxes, and one lonely little girl. To read and see more visit or shop at

  • Literary agency illustrators - Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

    Dorcas Cheng-Tozun

    Dorcas Cheng-Tozun published her first short story, a moving tribute to a melted snowman, at the age of five. She has since turned her efforts to narrative nonfiction, inspired by the many amazing true stories she has come across through her career in social services and international development, and in her time living abroad in China and Hong Kong. Her essays and short stories have been published in Hong Kong, the U.K., and the U.S. She has written a memoir about her experience as a Chinese American residing in the industrial city of Shenzhen, China. When she's not writing, she enjoys freelance editorial work and chasing after her young son. Dorcas lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and son. Learn more about her at

  • Literary agency illustrators - Young J. Chung

    Young Jin Chung

    Young Jin Chung was working as a Graphic Designer in Korea until she quit her day job to study illustration at RISD. After traveling to over 20 countries, Young finally settled down in Michigan where she volunteers as an art teacher to seniors. Young creates her artwork using a mixed medium: watercolor, Photoshop and Illustrator. Her artwork, as Korean proverb would say, is a salad mix of happiness and sadness. To see more of Young's artwork visit:

  • Literary agency illustrators - Samantha Clark

    Samantha Clark

    Samantha Clark has always loved stories about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. After all, if four ordinary brothers and sisters can find a magical world at the back of a wardrobe, why can't she? While she's still looking for her real-life Narnia, she's turned to writing about other ordinary children and teens who've stumbled into a wardrobe of their own. Her short fiction has been published by Hunger Mountain, the literary Magazine of the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and her novel Wake won the Houston SCBWI Joan Lowery Nixon Award in 2012 and was a finalist in the Writers League of Texas Manuscript Contest in 2011. In a past life, Samantha was a photojournalist and managing editor for newspapers and magazines. She lives with her husband and crazy dog in Austin, Texas, where people are quick to point out: "You're not from around here." Her pesky British accent always gives her away. Samantha is the Regional Advisor for SCBWI-Austin. You can find her online and on Twitter at @SamClarkWrites.

  • Literary agency writers - Steph Cleaver

    Steph Cleaver

    Steph Cleaver's favorite school subject was always art. Her midwestern upbringing provided plenty of inspiration. Horseback riding, county fairs, and stints at Amish camp encouraged a love of animals and en chantment with nature. After packing up her sketchbook and coming to the big city, Steph found her voice as an illustrator at Pratt institute. She settled down in Brooklyn which provided a whole new spark of visual ideas. When she's not drawing, Steph is a designer for children's preschool shows, a runner, and a baker. Keep up with Steph at her blog and website

  • Literary agency illustrators - Jeff Scott Cole

    Jeff Scott Cole

    Jeff Scott Cole is a writer, former middle school teacher, and broken-down archaeologist, who unites his joy of teaching with his passion for all things old and ancient. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Cleveland State University and completed the coursework for a Masters, also in Anthropology, at the University of Cincinnati, where he was also an adjunct instructor. Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator (Skyhorse, Spring 2015), Jeff's foray into the dark and creepy world of ghost hunting, represents a hiatus from the more traditional history and prehistory texts typically found in his personal stacks. Jeff is a member of the Society of American Archaeology and the Ohio Archaeological Council. Recently transplanted from northeast Ohio, Jeff writes, teaches when he can, and is an Education Human Resources Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Literary agency illustrators - Claudia Connor

    Claudia Connor

    Claudia Connor, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, writes heartfelt contemporary romance. After years of living with characters who'd taken up residence in her mind, she decided to write their story down as a way to expel them. Surprisingly, they remained and multiplied, beginning a fascinating and unexpected career. Claudia attended Auburn University, where she received her undergraduate and masters degrees in early childhood education, and completed her studies in Sawbridgeworth, England. Always a lover of happy endings, she enjoys movies, reading, and travel, but spends most of her time typing out the love stories of almost real people. Claudia lives near Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and three daughters. You can find out more about Claudia's books at or stop by and say hello on Facebook

  • Literary agency writers - Nina Crittenden

    Nina Victor Crittenden

    Nina Victor Crittenden loves tea, amphibians, and is especially fond of ferns. She works in ink and watercolor and lives in the land of 10,000 lakes with her husband, daughters, dog, cat, guinea pigs, and a couple of noisy parakeets. To see more of her work, visit

  • Literary agency writers - Tara Deliberto

    Tara Deliberto, Ph.D.

    Tara Deliberto has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is currently a fellow at Weill Cornell Medical College's Eating Disorder Program. Currently, Tara is writing How a Healthy Eater Thinks, a book for young adults focused on ditching dieting, ending binge eating, and having a healthy attitude towards food. In addition, Tara has published academic papers on suicide on self-injurious behavior and co-authored several academic book chapters, including a chapter on self-injury in the DSM-IV & DSM-5 Casebooks. Papers she has co-authored have been cited in TIME Magazine, The Harvard Gazette, and Science Daily. With Dina Hirsch, Ph.D., Tara has created a comprehensive evidence-based treatment for teenagers with eating disorders called BITE (available Fall 2014).

  • Literary agency writers - Jillian Green DiGiacomo

    Jillian Green DiGiacomo

    Jillian Green DiGiacomo grew up in a New Jersey suburb and currently lives in a New Jersey suburb (at least it's not the same suburb). She graduated with a degree in Asian studies from Vassar College and received a masters in teaching from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Before having children, she spent most of her time either teaching English in Japan or teaching Japanese to high school students in New York. Jillian's children's story, Off The Wall, was published by Story People Press in 2011. She is thrilled that her novel, Codename Cupcake, has brought her into the Prospect Agency family. Codename Cupcake is a typical stay-at-home mom turned super hero spy novel. Unfortunately, it is not an autobiography.

  • Literary agency illustrators - Cori Doerrfeld

    Cori Doerrfeld

    Cori Doerrfeld has been creating art since she could first hold a pencil. After graduating with a degree in studio art from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, she received her Post Baccalaureate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. With a strong passion for animation and children's literature, Cori has always tried to create art that tells a story. Cori is the author-illustrator of Penny Loves Pink (Little, Brown), Little Bunny Foo Foo (Dial) and Matilda in the Middle (forthcoming from Little, Brown). She has also illustrated a quartet of seasonal board books—the most recent of which is Barnyard Baby—written by The New York Times bestselling author Elise Broach. Cori currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, daughter, and son. Visit Cori online at and

  • Literary agency writers - Brianna DuMont

    Brianna DuMont

    Brianna DuMont grew up in St. Louis, Missouri penning letters to authors about their plot twists and character choices, but never dreamed of writing herself. In college, she got her degree in Art History and Archaeology with the intention of spending her time digging in the dirt. Now that she's fallen back in love with writing, she continues her fascination with the past through her books. Her non-fiction series for middle graders, The Changed History Series, debuted with Famous Phonies: Legends, Fakes, and Phonies Who Changed History in November 2014. She was extremely excited when Famous Phonies was chosen to be in the Scholastic Reading Club catalog, especially since she loved ordering books from it as a child. Brianna lives in Chicago with her husband, Tim, and their two hyperactive cats, but you can visit Brianna at her website:

  • Literary agency writers - Katherine Easer

    Katherine Easer

    Katherine Easer is the author of the YA novel Vicious Little Darlings (Bloomsbury). She has also written her first adult novel, The Revisionist, which is currently out for submission. The Revisionist tells the story of a mentally unstable thirty-something accountant who returns to his childhood home following his father's death. He then reunites with his high school sweetheart and, with the help of a ghost who may or may not exist, uncovers the tragedy that led to their breakup sixteen years earlier. Katherine is a graduate of Smith College. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

  • Literary agency writers - Dana Wilson Easley

    Dana Wilson Easley

    Dana Wilson Easley writes young adult and middle grade novels. She has been an anthropologist, archaeologist, attorney, and now, realizing she'll never make it through the entire alphabet for careers, has settled on author. She volunteers with the Illinois chapter of SCBWI and is the managing editor of the chapter newsletter, The Prairie Wind. She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband, daughter, and son, who know the best thing to do when she's writing on deadline is to stock up on Pepsi and brownies and ignore the dust bunnies.

  • Literary agency writers - Kirstie Edmunds

    Kirstie Edmunds

    Kirstie Edmunds is a children's book illustrator based in London, UK. She drinks a lot of tea, and has many heroes including Charles Harper, M. Sasek, Mary Blair and Eric Carle. Her first children's book, So You Wanna Be A Rock Star, written by author Audrey Vernick, was released in February 2012 with Walker Children's Books, followed by the The Monster Who Lost His Mean, written by Tiffany Strelitz Haber, in July 2012 by Henry Holt Books For Young Readers. Kirstie is currently working with Patricia Lakin and Dial Books For Young Readers on Playground Adventures, a story about Bruno & Lulu, to be launched as an extended edition in 2014. See more of her work, and say hello at

  • Literary agency writers - Bonnie Edwards

    Bonnie Edwards

    Bonnie Edwards lives on the rainy west coast with her husband and a standard poodle, all of whom are bossed around by a ginger tom. A multi-published author for Carina Press, Harlequin, Kensington Books and Robinson (UK), her romances are earthy, irreverent and always come with a happy ending. (and sometimes ghosts & curses) For more information:

    Read an excerpt from Bonnie Edwards

  • Literary agency writers - Beth Ellyn

    Beth Ellyn Summer

    Beth Ellyn Summer graduated from Long Island University with a degree in Print and Electronic Journalism. Interning for Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon was the highlight of her media studies, and pretty much the coolest experience ever. She loves to write YA that captures the craziness of media internships. Beth can't get enough of YouTube makeup tutorials—she even wrote a book about them. Her YA novel, At First Blush, explores the world of an up-and-coming online makeup guru and follows her as she works at a fashion magazine, falls in love, and discovers how far she's willing to go for fame.

  • Literary agency writers - Amy Ester Fischer

    Amy Ester Fischer

    Amy Ester Fischer began her journey in the placid suburbs of New York and on the manicured lawns of the Wesleyan University campus. A long time pro-sex feminist, she has always sought to understand the nexus between sexuality, art, and healing. She brought performance art to the former Eastern Bloc in the nineties and created a sound healing technique which she taught to a community of raw foodists in the Caribbean. After trying to peddle her massage therapy services on Craigslist and winding up offering other services as well, her first novel, American Courtesan, was born. She is now working on a second novel, a coming of age story which explores a dangerous and often abusive relationship between a professor and his student. Her recent article "My Experience as a Craigslist Hooker: A Requiem for Craigislist Erotic Services" was posted on The Huffington Post and was a front page hit. You can find additional musings on, or follow Ester on twitter:

  • Literary agency writers - Kristin Noel Fischer

    Kristin Noel Fischer

    Kristin Noel Fischer was born on the island of Guam and has always loved the water and sunshine. Growing up, she spent endless hours fantasizing about touring with the Harlem Globetrotters or becoming a circus performer. In fact, her childhood daydreams were so vivid, she seriously worried about her overactive imagination. Little did she know, despite her horrible spelling, she was, simply, a writer. After high school, she lived in Costa Rica and later Japan, where she journaled extensively about her experiences. She worked as a nanny in Boston before obtaining a degree in Biology from Washington State University. Kristin now lives in Texas where she enjoys biking, yoga, and spending time with her husband and six kids.

  • Literary agency writers - Regina Flath

    Regina Flath

    Regina Flath is a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for books: reading them, designing them, and illustrating them. She graduated from the University of the Arts in 2009 with a BFA in Illustration. She is the cover designer and illustrator for the new David A Adler series "Danny's Doodles" (Sourcebooks/2013). She is a friend to imaginary creatures everywhere. When she's not making books, she's usually making something else, like herbal medicine, homemade lotion, socks, crochet monsters, or dinner. She lives with her husband and two crazy cats. You can hear about Regina's upcoming adventures by following her on Twitter @reginaflath and you can visit her website to see more of her work

  • Literary agency writers - Claudia Friddell

    Claudia Friddell

    Claudia Friddell spent most of her childhood as the new kid in Kansas, Virginia, North Dakota, and Minnesota schools. She never imagined her childhood travels would inspire a love of bringing history to life for children. As a school counselor, behavioral therapist, a teacher for over twenty years, and a mother of two, Claudia has always spent her days with children and the rest of her time writing stories for them. Her debut picture book, Goliath, Hero of the Great Baltimore Fire (Sleeping Bear Press), earned a 2011 Storytelling World Resource Honor Award and was selected for the 2011 International Reading Associations (IRA) and Children's Book Council's (CBC) Children's Choices Reading List. She has recently written another non-fiction picture-book manuscript about a dog in the trenches during World War I (out for submission), and is in the process of working on a few other exciting and diverse manuscripts as well: a biography of Albert Schweitzer; a non-fiction piece about the friendship between two American icons; and an original tall tale in the traditional tall tale style. Claudia lives with her husband in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Literary agency writers - Evelyn Mann

    Evelyn Mann Friedman

    Evelyn Friedman grew up in New York City and environs. After college at Vassar, she earned an MA in art history from Columbia and an MBA in marketing from NYU. She has worked for many years as a fundraiser and strategic planner for non-profit organizations. Evelyn has also worked in art galleries and taught college art history. She recently completed Traitor (out for submission), a historical romance full of passion, Napoleonic spies, and art history. This is Evelyn's first book and it is sure to be a success. Writing under the penname Evelyn Mann, she happily lives in Manhattan with her daughter and two cats.

  • Literary agency writers - Cynthia Gall

    Cynthia Gall

    Cynthia Gall has dreamed of being an artist and writer since she was a small child. Fearful for her future, Cynthia's practical parents forbade her from taking art classes and enrolled her in French class instead. So when instructed to study something sensible in college, Cynthia majored in French Literature at UC Santa Barbara. She spent a year studying at the Sorbonne in Paris, and also worked in Germany, teaching English and translating advertising copy. Since her return to the States, Cynthia has focused on refining her photographic and sculpting skills at California State University Long Beach, where her work has been featured in several shows. She currently combines the sculpture and photography to illustrate her picture books. She lives in Long Beach, California, with her two small dogs, Hansel and Gretel, and a posse of garden gnomes who prefer to remain anonymous. Visit her online at

  • Literary agency illustrators - Brian Gerrity

    Brian Gerrity

    Brian Gerrity grew up in Connecticut, where he spent most of his childhood doodling. He continued to doodle and went on to graduate with degrees in illustration from Philadelphia College of Art and from the M.F.A. Illustration Program at the School of Visual Arts. Brian illustrated Old MacDonald Had a Wedding by Ron Berman (Price Stern Sloan, 2007) and was the recipient of the 2007 Tomie de Paola Award, given by Tomie de Paola at the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrator's SCBWI winter conference. Today, he lives in New York, New York. You can visit him online at

  • Literary agency illustrators - Gretchen Geser

    Gretchen Géser

    Gretchen Géser has been drawing since before she can remember and has been an illustrator most of her adult life. She works in a variety of media but prefers to combine watercolor,inks, and Adobe Illustrator. A graduate of Smith College, Gretchen has taken illustration courses at Pratt and the School of Visual Arts, and she has an M.F.A. in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College. Her debut picture book, One Big Smile, will be published by Henry Holt in Spring 2011. Gretchen lives in upstate New York with her husband and daughter, and is an Adjunct Professor at Sage College of Albany, where she teaches Digital Imaging and Digital Illustration. Visit Gretchen's website at

  • Literary agency writers - Ashley Goldberg

    Ashley Goldberg

    Ashley Goldberg has loved arts, crafts, nature, and creatures (both imaginary and real) her entire life. Her artwork tends to be narrative but with a sophisticated and stark color palette. She believes great emotion can be conveyed in a simple gesture or look. Ashley's characters are humorous, empathetic, and sometimes a little bit heroic. Ashley's shop, otherwise known as "AshleyG", has consistently been one top "hearted" shops on Etsy since beging founded in 2005. Now she is turning her attention to children's books. Ashley is currently working on a superhero story she's written and illustrated which will be out for submission soon. Ashley lives in the lovely gray and green city of Portland, Oregon. When Ashley is not creating and drawing she can be found thrifting, drinking too much coffee, and staying up too late with her imaginary creatures. Visit Ashley at

  • Literary agency illustrators - Sara Elizabeth Goodman

    Sara Elizabeth Goodman

    Sara Elizabeth Goodman has been teaching high school English and journalism for more years than she cares to admit. So many years in fact, that she's ready to jeopardize that career by exposing the hilarious truth about teaching in her new novel, Chalkboard Confidential. While the book is fiction, the scandals are based on real-life experiences, and it provides a fresh look at all the gossip, sex, and drinking that happen behind the scenes in a school. When she's not teaching, Sara is getting in trouble with her mother about the contents of her blog: Sara*ndipity, dancing on stage at Bruce Springsteen shows, and playing with her miniature schnauzer, Rosalita. She lives in Maryland with her fellow English teacher boyfriend and does, in fact, love her job—mostly because it gives her the summers off to write.

  • Literary agency illustrators - Leslie Gorin

    Leslie Gorin

    Leslie Gorin has always had a passion for kids. With a degree in educational psychology from Wesleyan University, she taught in such far-flung places as the Navajo Nation, Paris, and Kuala Lumpur. Over time, Leslie's growing interest in kids and art led her to study film animation at California Institute of the Arts, and then to a career as an animator and storyboard artist. She loved it all, but always knew that telling stories was the best part. So that's what she does now, crafting stories to make kids laugh or make them think — or, if she's really lucky, both. Leslie lives with her family in Eagle, Idaho. Her debut picture book, Bertie Wants to Fly, will be published by Sterling in 2016. You can learn more about Leslie at at

  • Literary agency illustrators - Kim Graff

    Kim Graff

    Kim Graff grew up in Kansas, but has lived in France, Australia, and currently resides in Montreal, Quebec. She spends her free time blogging about books at and writing sometimes sinister, sometimes whimsical YA stories. In her YA novel, Liv On Fire, a girl becomes the obsession of a serial killer and caught up in the whirlwind media frenzy that follows. Learn more about her at or follow her on twitter @k_writes.

  • Literary agency illustrators - Arin Greenwood

    Arin Greenwood

    Arin Greenwood is a former lawyer (J.D. from Columbia Law School, member of the New York Bar), life long animal lover, and devoted fan of cats who run for public office. Her first novel, Tropical Depression — based on her five-odd, sometimes very odd, years living on a small island near Guam — was published by teeny indie publisher Back Porch Books in 2011. Her second book, a young adult comic mystery called Save The Enemy, was published by Soho Teen in November 2013. Arin is animal welfare editor for The Huffington Post. Her nonfiction has appeared in dozens of other publications as well, including Slate, the Washington City Paper, the American Bar Association Journal, and many more. She lives in Gulfport, Florida, with her husband Ray, and their very spoiled dog and cat.

  • Literary agency writers - Esther Harder

    Esther Harder

    Esther Harder has spent the majority of the past ten years working in East Africa as a soccer coach, English teacher, journalist, and community peace trainer. She has had countless adventures not listed in her job descriptions such as waking up at midnight to harvest flying termites by kerosene lantern, and joining an ad hoc rally on a bicycle with a broken seat grabbed from a bystander. Her care for those around her and her interest in cultural practices has earned her additional names in several Ugandan languages. She completed an MFA in creative writing for children from Chatham University in 2010. Esther's debut historical YA novel, The Old Ones and the Graves, draws from stories of revenge and reconciliation she documented while facilitating peace workshops in Northeast Uganda.

  • Literary agency writers - Claudia Harrington

    Claudia Harrington

    Claudia Harrington's kindergarten passion for poetry blossomed into publication a few decades later, including a poem in Philomel's anthology, I Invited A Dragon To Dinner & Other Poems to Make You Laugh Out Loud, a CBC Best Pick. Claudia's most recent work, to be launched in 2015 by ABDO, is a six picture book series entitled My Family, celebrating diversity. Early in her writing journey, Claudia stumbled across the SCBWI, a talented group of kindred spirits, and soon became one of its Regional Advisors, serving the Los Angeles chapter for eleven years. When she's not writing, Claudia juggles her fabulous and wacky assortment of kids, husband (singular) and underwear-eating dog. Check out her blog, home to bite-sized bursts of inspiration from gems in the children's book industry, at

  • Literary agency writers - Aaron Hawkins

    Aaron Hawkins

    Aaron Hawkins grew up in rural New Mexico before attending the California Institute of Technology and UC Santa Barbara. After stints at a start-up, CIENA, and Intel, he traded the corporate world for life as an electrical engineering professor at Brigham Young University. Aaron's first novels use his Southwest childhood as the setting. The Year Money Grew on Trees (Houghton Mifflin, 2010), sets a group of unsupervised cousins to work reviving an abandoned apple orchard. Big Rock Mitchell (out for submission), follows a teenager's pursuit of the perfect car and college after starting his first job at a trading post. Aaron's ultimate challenge is to write something that makes engineers seem cool.

  • Literary agency writers - Dean A. Haycock

    Dean A. Haycock

    Dean A. Haycock, Ph.D., is a freelance science and medical writer based in New York. He is the author of Murderous Minds: Exploring the Criminal Psychopathic Brain: Neurological Imaging and the Manifestation of Evil (Pegasus Books, 2014), The Everything Health Guide to Adult Bipolar Disorder, 3rd edition (Adams Media), The Everything Health Guide to Schizophrenia (Adams Media), and Overcoming Complications of LASIK and Other Corrective Eye Surgery (with Ismail A. Shalaby, M.D., Ph.D.) (Sunrise River Press). He is a member the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the National Association of Science Writers, and the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy. You can learn more about him by visiting

  • Literary agency writers - Madaline Herlong

    Madaline Herlong

    Madaline Herlong lives in New Orleans and has raised four sons with her lawyer-husband Don Haycraft. She has a Masters in English from University of Virginia as well as a law degree from UVa. She now teaches writing to freshmen at Tulane and spends as much time as possible writing novels and often speaks at middle schools about the process of creative writing. Her debut novel The Great Wide Sea was published by Viking in October 2008 and won "Top Ten Books for Young Adults" in 2010 from Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) of the American Library Association. Her next YA title Buddy will be released in Viking's Fall 2012 list. Buddy is about a boy, a dog, and a hurricane. For more information, see her website

  • Literary agency writers - Noelle Henderson and Barbra M. Kolten

    Noelle Henderson & Barbra M. Kolten

    Barbra Noel is the pseudonym for, Noelle Henderson and Barbra Kolten. Two writers who have joined forces to create intriguing, sexy stories after meeting as book-critique partners. Their debut novel, Secrets of Sin, will be published with Kensington's Aphrodisia line in January of 2010 in a two book deal. The duo's process of collaboration is ever-evolving and, if not always scientific, is always successful and fun. Noelle is a quintessential eccentric Southerner who lives with her family in North Carolina and seems to find a story in almost everything. Barbra is a peculiar polyglot perfectionist obsessed with details. She lives and works in Austria (that tiny spot on the globe in the heart of Europe). They can be reached at

  • Literary agency writers - Leeza Hernandez

    Leeza Hernandez

    Leeza Hernandez spent her spare time as a child scribbling on every possible surface. It soon led to career in art and design, where she learned to keep her art on paper and off her mum's living room walls. She grew up in the south of England, and leapt to this side of the pond ten years ago. Leeza graduated with a degree in art, design and communication, but it was working as an art director that threw her into illustration. Her love for line, color and texture is evident in her award-winning work, which has appeared in The Chicago Tribune, American Illustration, and national magazines. She was also the recipient of the SCBWI's Tomie dePaulo Award in 2009. Leeza has illustrated Sandy Donovan's Bored Bella Learns About Fiction and Nonfiction (Picture Window Books, 2010) and is currently working on artwork for Ann McCallum's Eat Your Math Homework (Charlesbridge, 2011) and her very own debut picture book, Dog Gone (Putnam, 2012). She currently dwells in rural New Jersey with her husband, daughter and fluffy cat, Maisy. Visit Leeza's website at

  • Literary agency writers - Eric Hoffman

    Eric Hoffman

    Eric Hoffman went to college to become a computer programmer, just like his dad. He left with a degree in architecture and design and took a job as a day care center cook. Eric ended up working with young children as a preschool teacher and foster parent for thirty-five years. Currently, he teaches early childhood education at a community college and is also the grievance officer for his college. Eric is the author of A Dark, Dark Cave (forthcoming from Viking). He is the author of a book for preschool teachers on superhero play, and gives presentations on that subject across the country. Eric has used his design background to help create playgrounds for over sixty schools near his home in Santa Cruz, California. Eric's son is a computer programmer, just like his grandfather.

  • Literary agency writers - Lark Howard

    Lark Howard

    Lark Howard's love of reading, writing and travel led her to a degree in English, a string of colorful jobs and a well-worn passport. After college, she escaped to the Virgin Islands for a few years to dive, sail and scribble observations on island life. Back in the states, she used her love of words to market commercial architecture by day and write novel length fiction at night. Her current project is a paranormal romance set in Paris, in which an American tourist is drawn to a handsome French aristocrat with frightening psychic powers - and a family secret that could destroy the city he was born to protect. When not traveling to far-away places, Lark lives in Texas with her brilliant husband and a grumpy old Lab-Pit Bull.

  • Literary agency writers - Rebecca Huang

    Rebecca Huang

    Rebecca Huang was born and raised in Taiwan. Whenever she read books growing up, she always loved to visualize the story. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in literature, she moved to San Francisco to study illustration—so that she could bring those images to life. In June 2014, Rebecca completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Illustration from Academy of Art University, where she had lots of fun playing with color and shapes with mixed media. She currently lives in San Francisco, California.

  • Literary agency writers - Kelly Jamieson

    Kelly Jamieson

    Kelly Jamieson is the bestselling author of over thirty-five novels and novellas, including her popular Heller Brother Hockey series and the Rule of Three series. Her writing has been called emotionally complex, satisfying, and blisteringly sexy, and she likes to think of her work as romance with a sweet heat. You can visit her website at or contact her at - she loves to hear from readers! She lives in Winnipeg, Canada and likes coffee, wine, shoes, and of course, hockey!

  • Literary agency writers - Aya Kakeda

    Aya Kakeda

    Aya Kakeda likes cats, seals, and receiving postcards. She has ever changing weekly obsessions — this week it's Clavariaceae and star nosed moles. She also elaborates lots of theories about different things. When not indulging her obsessions, Aya paints and draws, creating her own whimsical narratives. Aya made her illustration debut in 2011 with The Hole in the Middle written by Paul Bunditz, founder of Kidrobot (Disney-Hyperion). Aya is currently working on a story she's written and illustrated entitled Spring Bell which will be out for submission shortly. Born and raised in Tokyo, she now works and lives in Brooklyn. To learn more about Aya visit:

  • Literary agency writers - Suzanne Kamata

    Suzanne Kamata

    Suzanne Kamata was born and raised in Michigan, and graduated from the University of South Carolina. She came to Japan after college to teach English "for just one year" and wound up staying. She now lives with her Japanese husband, and their bicultural twins on the island of Shikoku, where she writes books, stories, and essays, and continues to teach. Please visit her website:

  • Literary agency writers - Yuko Katakawa

    Yuko Katakawa

    Yuko Katakawa is a Japanese-born illustrator who studied art at an early age then changed her focus to Japanese Classic Literature in college. After moving to the U.S., her love for art resurfaced and led her down the path of children's picture book illustrating. Yuko creates her artwork fast and instinctively using only digital tools. She enjoys seeing the vague images in her mind take shape onscreen where lines and squiggles can become magical things. She currently works and lives in New York. Visit her online at

  • Literary agency writers - Julia Kelly

    Julia Kelly

    Julia Kelly picked up her first romance novel and the bad habit of reading well past her bedtime when she was 13. Years later as a Journalism graduate student at Columbia University she decided to try writing romances of her own and never looked back. During the day, Julia is a producer for a New York City television station where she chases breaking news and bosses reporters around. She never met a pair of stilettos she didn't love and still stays up too late reading.

  • Literary agency writers - Katharine Kenah

    Katharine Kenah

    Katharine Kenah grew up on a science observatory in Palisades, New York, surrounded by geophysicists, geologists, and oceanographers from all over the world—but almost no other kids. So she found her friends in the pages of books. After college, Kate became an oceanographer herself—and even worked on the same ship that found the Titanic. But, after moving to the mountains in Colorado (where it's hard to be an oceanographer), she circled back to an early dream of writing children's books. Kate has written dozens of early readers, including The Best Seat in Second Grade (HarperCollins), which was selected by Bank Street as one of the "Best Children's Books of the Year". She also has a new series entitled The Saturday Triplets (Scholastic). In addition, Kate's picture book Ferry Tail, illustrated by Prospect client Nicole Wong, is forthcoming from Sleeping Bear Press. Kate currently lives in the landlocked college town of Granville, Ohio, with her geologist husband and a few opinionated cats. Her three children are often scattered about the globe.

  • Literary agency writers - Aryn Kennedy

    Aryn Kennedy

    Aryn Kennedy has been a Witch since 1991. Just like the Witch she writes about in Witch Sex Is Better, she writes funny, sexy fiction with a heavy dusting of love magic. Under her pseudonym Selene Silverwind, she has written two visionary Wiccan romances: Once Upon a Beltane Eve and Field of Jonquils (Spilled Candy, 2001 and 2005). She is also the author of two non-fiction books: Magic for Lovers (Crossing Press/Ten Speed, 2004), a collection of spells for couples looking to improve their relationships; and The Everything Paganism Book (Adams Media, 2004), an overview of many Pagan religions and practices. She has given numerous workshops and presentations on love magic at bookstores and Pagan conventions, including an appearance at the Salem Witch Village in Massachusetts. Aryn can sometimes be found on radio and television programs performing a love spell. Learn more about Aryn at and

    Read an excerpt from Aryn Kennedy

  • Literary agency writers - Ruthie Knox

    Ruthie Knox

    Ruthie Knox, a USA Today bestselling author, writes contemporary romance that's sexy, witty, and angsty—sometimes all three at once. After training to be a British historian, she became an academic editor instead. Then she got really deeply into knitting, as one does, followed by motherhood and romance novel writing. Her debut novel, Ride with Me, is probably the only existing cross-country bicycling love story. She followed it up with About Last Night, a London-set romance whose hero has the unlikely name of Neville, and then Room at the Inn, a Christmas novella—both of which were finalists for the Romance Writers of America's RITA Award. Her four-book series about the Clark family of Camelot, Ohio, has won accolades for its fresh, funny portrayal of small-town Midwestern life. She's published with Random House's ebook romance imprint, Loveswept. Her New Adult debut as Robin York, Deeper, the first of two linked books, will be released by Ballantine Bantam Dell in early 2014.

  • Literary agency illustrators - Jane Kohuth

    Jane Kohuth

    Jane Kohuth began her love affair with children's books before she could walk. At her preschool entrance interview, she introduced herself and her sister as Frances and Gloria — Russell Hoban's iconic badger characters (she got in). She's also a big fan of Scrabble and GRE analogies, but has found that writing for kids is the most fun of all. Jane has a degree in English and Creative Writing from Brandeis University as well as a master's degree in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. She loves to write about sensitive kids and goofy animals, but will tackle most subjects as long as she can make the words sing. Jane's first book, Ducks Go Vroom, was a Parents Magazine Best Book of 2011. She is also the author of the picture books Estie the Mensch (a PJ Library Book) and Duck Sock Hop (Kirkus Critic's Pick, Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Book 2013, NYPL 10 Best Read-Alouds of 2012, a Bank Street Best Children¹s Book of 2013, called "charming" by the NY Times). Her early reader Anne Frank's Chestnut Tree, published by Random House in September 2013, was named a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People. She frequently brainstorms with her husband, who, conveniently, has the sense of humor of a four-year-old. You can find out more about her and her books at

  • Literary agency illustrators - Hayley Krischer

    Hayley Krischer

    Hayley Krischer started writing her first story after she failed a typing class at 16. (She's since learned how.) She's written short stories, screenplays and numerous articles and essays, some of which were published in the New York Times, Anderbo, Ms. and more. The New Jersey Press Association awarded her with a first place prize for "Best Entertainment Story" in 1998 and she was also the recipient of Panavision's New Filmmaker Grant for an original screenplay. Her short story "It Echoes Two at a Time" was a finalist in Glimmer Train's Short Story Award for New Writers as well as a finalist for The Heekin Group Foundation's Tara Fellowship for Short Fiction. She received her master's in creative writing from Lesley University. Hayley's debut YA novel is about a 16-year-old who gets date raped by the most popular boy in school, and then outs him in her school newspaper. She co-writes the blog, which regularly appears in the Huffington Post. You can see more of her work at

  • Literary agency writers - Tina Kugler

    Tina Kügler

    Tina Kügler draws and paints her quirky artwork digitally and works very hard to make it look like she is not using a computer at all. Before becoming a children's book illustrator, she spent ten years drawing storyboards in the animation industry for studios such as Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros. Tina is currently working on her debut picture book proposal which will be out for submission shortly. She lives in Los Angeles with her artist husband, three little boys and an enormous hairy dog (named Harry). Visit

  • Literary agency writers - Sarah Laing

    Sarah Laing

    Sarah Laing was born in Illinois and grew up in New Zealand, interrupted by a couple of years in Germany. She started writing seriously while working as a graphic designer in New York City. Her collection of short stories, Coming Up Roses, was published by Random House NZ in 2007, after she won a prestigious short story competition in New Zealand. She has also illustrated children's books and worked as a book designer.

  • Literary agency writers - Luke LaMarca

    Luke Lamarca

    Luke LaMarca lives in a skull shaped cave built into a volcano on a remote, tropical island full of dinosaurs (somewhere in Maryland). He enjoys the company of animals, the number 11, and rubbing the back of his eyelids until he see those pretty sparkly thingies. When he's not drawing, he's either eating or sleeping... most likely eating. He's the illustrator of The Curious Demise of a Contrary Cat by Lynne Berry (Simon&Schuster 2005) and just recently finished work on The Day Ray Got Away written by Angela Johnson (Simon&Schuster 2010). Luke is currently working on illustrations for Squid Kid the Magnificent, written by Lynne Berry, which is forthcoming from Disney-Hyperion.

  • Literary agency writers - Shannon Landrum

    Shannon Landrum

    Shannon Landrum enjoys the sound of water lapping at the hull of a boat, the smell of theme park asphalt baking in the sun, and living vicariously through her rockstar teenagers. Her first novel, The Dust Prophet (out for submission), tells the story of Esta, the daughter of poor dirt farmers in a Depression-era Kansas town. After a devastating tornado, Esta is miraculously found unharmed and perched on the roof of a church. When she speaks of a heavenly experience and is found to be pregnant, the town must decide if she is God's handmaiden, a witch, or a clever con-artist. Shannon is also the author of two collections of children's poems, The Book of Brats and Dark Verses for the Truly Twisted. She lives in Florida with her husband, two children, and three Jack Russell terriers.

    Read an excerpt from Shannon Landrum

  • Literary agency writers - J Larkin

    J Larkin

    J (one letter) Larkin (six letters) loves telling stories that nuzzle close and cut deep. Her favorite things tend to be sprinkled with the macabre, and she believes that every story should act as a window into its world rather than a definitive source. When not noveling (remorseful monsters and haunted forests!) or blogging (for all of your existential or superhero-undies needs!) J works at a bakery, where she spends most of her time thinking about those other two things.

  • Literary agency writers - S.E. Larkin

    S.E. Larkin

    S.E. Larkin has been spinning yarns since childhood. She spent her professional career in a variety of ways, some of them more pleasant than others. Finally deciding that her co-workers weren't a big enough audience for her stories, she gave in to her muse and started writing books. This pleased her, as it finally gave her an answer to her mother's bewildered question, "But what can you do with a degree in English?" Sheila is currently working on a young adult series. The first book, Soul Survivor, is the story of the ghost of a teenage girl who gets drawn into a new body. She uses her second chance at life to explore friendship, first love, and a future that is thrilling, dangerous, and anything but normal. When not writing, Sheila can be found in Western Pennsylvania watching YouTube, mowing far too much grass and entertaining two spoiled fat cats.

  • Literary agency writers - Jen Latham

    Jen Latham

    Jen Latham was born in New York but grew up on Army bases. Since studying economics, anthropology, and psychology, she has been a school psychologist and a middle school teacher. Along the way, she has also worked in a food bank, a drug and alcohol detox unit, a neuropsychology practice, a museum in Spain, a prison, and a morgue. Jen is the author of the YA novel Scarlett Uncover (forthcoming from Little, Brown). She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband and two daughters, and wants nothing more from her professional life than to keep teaching yoga to people who didn't know they could do it and to write books that people enjoy reading.

  • Literary agency writers - Kristin Lenz

    Kristin Lenz

    Kristin Lenz is a social worker whose career has taken her from a teen runaway shelter to an urban hospital, from rural Appalachia to inner-city Detroit. Currently, she lives with her husband and daughter in Michigan. She is the newsletter co-editor for the Michigan chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and blogs at with a group of YA authors. Her young adult coming-of-age novel is in the final rounds of revision before submission to editors, and she has two more novels in progress.

  • Literary agency writers - Sue Lovejoy

    Sue Lovejoy

    Sue Lovejoy has always counted small town libraries among her favorite places to visit and the books shelved within them as some of her most cherished friends. A lifelong love of writing has led her down many literary paths, the happiest of which is penning picture books. Sue is both humbled and thrilled to bring merriment to children through the words she writes. Sue focuses on picture book writing with co-author Amy Benoit. Mixing whimsy and sensibility with friendship and fodder, Sue and Amy write picture books they hope will make kids guffaw out loud. Wacky, wild and wonderful are the must haves for their stories. Sue is a long-time member of Massachusetts SCBWI.

  • Literary agency writers - Susan Lyons

    Susan Lyons

    Susan Lyons (also writing as Susan Fox and Savanna Fox) writes "emotionally compelling, sexy contemporary romance" (Publishers Weekly). She is published by Berkley and Kensington, and her books have won numerous writing awards. Susan is a Pacific Northwester with homes in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. She has degrees in law and psychology, and has had a variety of careers, including perennial student, computer consultant, and legal editor. Fiction writer is by far her favorite, giving her an outlet to demonstrate her belief in the power of love, friendship, and a sense of humor. Learn more at

    Read an excerpt from Susan Lyons

  • Literary a gency writers - Cindi Madsen

    Cindi Madsen

    Cindi Madsen is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels. She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting revising, and falling in love with her characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she'd be even crazier. She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they're sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music, dancing, and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children. She is the author of YA books Losing Romeo, All the Broken Pieces, and The Cipher Series and adult romances Falling for Her Fiancé, Act Like You Love Me, Resisting the Hero, Second Chance Ranch, Cinderella Screwed Me Over, and Ready to Wed. Find out more about Cindi at

  • Literary agency writers - Maia Love

    Love Maia

    Love Maia has worked construction, flown planes, and starred in an infomercial. She has always been a reluctant reader and sees her writing as an opportunity to reach out to other reluctant readers and make books more enjoyable for them by combining literature and music. Her debut YA novel DJ Rising (Little, Brown, Feb. 2012) tells the story of Marley Johnnywas Diego-Dylan, a boy with a tough life who gets a shot at his ultimate dream of becoming a professional DJ. Love is hard at work on her next novel as well as a soundtrack of original music to accompany DJ Rising. Visit her at

  • Literary agency writers - Evie Manieri

    Evie Manieri

    Evie Manieri has been fascinated by all kinds of fantasy writing since her fifth grade teacher introduced her to Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time. Later in life, impatient with the tendency of fantasy heroes to go for very long walks, she found herself wishing that their worlds were better supplied with horses. This set her on the path to satisfy her own desire for an immersive, fast-paced, emotionally nuanced brand of fantasy, and The Mongrel was born. The first book in a trilogy, The Mongrel takes place in a desert world rife with revolution, secrecy and deception—which reaches a breaking point when a notorious female mercenary forces a reckoning between worlds of fire and ice. Evie is fascinated by intricacy, and when not entangled in the threads of her plots, she can be found knitting airy lace shawls, re-reading Bleak House, singing soprano with New York's Renaissance Street Singers, and attempting to match the relentless imagination of her daughter, Prudence.

  • Literary agency writers - Rachel Mankowitz

    Rachel Mankowitz

    Rachel Mankowitz lives on Long Island, near three beaches, though she never swims. Her novel Yeshiva Girl, is about Izzy, a fifteen year old girl who looks a lot like Rachel did, and acts a lot like Rachel may have acted, but turns out a lot better than Rachel. While the book is out looking for a publisher, Rachel hopes to write essays that will attempt to balance an extreme need for self disclosure and a strong desire to hide in the back of a cave. Rachel has a few degrees, and they're nice, but they don't make the writing any easier. She is most often found indulging in a little bit of nap time with her equally sleepy puppy dog, Cricket.

  • Literary agency writers - Blaine Marshall

    Blaine Marshall

    Blaine Marshall began writing at the age of nine, winning his first (but hopefully not last!) award in the sixth grade for a play he wrote for Speech Arts. His first novel, Halfpoint, was inspired by his own experiences living on the streets in his teens. He writes stories about often-overlooked struggles in teen life and about characters who aren't usually depicted as heroes. Blaine currently lives just outside Toronto with his other half and their Great Dane.

  • Literary agency writers - Meghan Masterson

    Meghan Masterson

    Meghan Masterson has always loved writing, and attempted to excuse her bad habit of reading at all hours (even at breakfast or far past her bedtime) as seizing the opportunity to study the construction of a plot or character. As a child, she gave her parents a flowery story about horses every year for Christmas. Thankfully, she has expanded her interests past tales of equine perfection and thinly veiled Nancy Drew retellings, and is now mainly interested in writing historical fiction. She is drawn to strong historical figures and unique situations in a variety of time periods. Her novels range in setting from the 'golden age' of piracy, with Blackbeard as a protagonist scheming over the sudden opportunity to be pardoned, to the height of the Belle Époque, where fiery Spanish dancer Carolina Otero drapes herself in diamonds and blazes a trail of scandal and passion. Meghan's other interests include cooking, going for walks, drinking too much coffee, and keeping a wary eye out for spiders. She lives in Calgary with her husband and a slightly crazy cat.

  • Literary agency writers - Christina Matula-Häkli

    Christina Matula-Häkli

    Christina Matula-Häkli grew up in Canada, and after a few years in London, now resides in Hong Kong with her husband and two children. Moving to Hong Kong gave Christina the chance to explore her Chinese roots (her mother is Taiwanese and her father is Hungarian) and immerse herself in the study of the language and culture of her heritage. She loves sharing stories that will spark an interest in and passion for Chinese culture in young readers. The Shadow in the Moon: How the Mid-Autumn Festival Began is her first picture-book, and is illustrated by Pearl Law. The book has also been turned into a chamber music concert for children with music composed by Alexis Alrich that features both Western and Chinese classical instruments.

  • Literary agency writers - Janice Maynard

    Janice Maynard

    Janice Maynard,a USA Today best-selling author, knew she loved books and writing by the time she was eight years old. But it took multiple rejections and many years of trying before she sold her first three novels. After teaching kindergarten and second grade for a number of years, Janice turned in her lesson plan book and began writing full-time. Since then she has sold over thirty-five books and novellas. Her publishers include Kensington, Penguin/NAL, Berkley, and Harlequin. Her Men of Wolff Mountain books are fan favorites, and Janice is now deeply involved with her new cast of heroes in the long running Kavanaghs of Silver Glen series. You can connect with Janice at,,,

    Read an excerpt from Janice Maynard

  • Literary agency writers - Heidi McDonald

    Heidi McDonald

    Heidi McDonald has always been captivated by storytelling. Even as a girl, pages and pages of Heidi's sketchbooks were filled with stories. With just a pen or pencil, she loved breathing life into an idea to watch its story unfold. Heidi still creates playful characters inspired by childhood nostalgia and the quirks of everyday people. Her very favorite person to draw is Frida Kahlo. She uses traditional methods of illustration, drawing first in pencil and then applying colour with watercolor washes and pen or ink. Heidi lives by the sea in Dorset, England, with her two cats Nora and Evie and a very large collection of sketchbooks and pens. To see more of Heidi's work, visit: and

  • Literary agency writers - Shaun McGuire

    Shaun McGuire

    Shaun McGuire has been a student of fiction since the age of eleven when he wrote his first short story about adolescence, mountain lions, and sucking chest wounds. He credits his love for storytelling to his father's dinnertime habit of spinning everyday life into epic quests for adventure and his mother's love for all things oil painted. Shaun holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Florida International University and his short fiction has appeared in various literary journals including: The Indiana Review, Alligator Juniper, and Carve Magazine. His novels tend to explore the intricate mythology of popular culture while imposing a supernatural order on a relatively normal hero. Atomic Punk (out for submission) is a novel about punk rock, demons, and a young reporter who finds himself chasing after both—problem is, saving the soul of rock n'roll may lead straight to a showdown with the devil himself. Shaun currently lives in Brooklyn with his soul mate, Lora, his dog, Rocky, and his cat, Bailey. He believes, wholeheartedly, that someday puppies will save the world.

  • Literary agency writers - Jane Ann McLachlan

    Jane Ann McLachlan

    Jane Ann McLachlan has been writing since she learned to read. Her first story, a picture book about a pony, won stunning applause from her mother and was well-received by her 1st Grade teacher. As a college professor, she wrote two textbooks on professional ethics, published by Pearson/Prentice Hall: The Right Choice and Ethics in Action. She currently writes full-time. Her collection of award-winning short stories, Connections: parables for today, was published by Pandora Press in 2013. As a Hybrid author, Jane Ann has two self-published books under her pen name, J. A. McLachlan: Walls of Wind, a science fiction novel, and The Occasional Diamond Thief, a young adult SF novel. The print rights to The Occasional Diamond Thief have recently been purchased by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, and will be available in the spring of 2015. Jane Ann has two manuscripts on offer with Prospect Agency, Impact: a memoir of PTSD, and an historical novel set in 12th century France, The Sorrow Stone. She is currently working on a second historical fiction novel set in the steamy courts of 14th century Italy.

  • Literary agency writers - Susan V. Meyers

    Susan V. Meyers

    Susan V. Meyers grew up selling corndogs, balloons, and cotton candy on the carnival circuit up and down the West Coast. Those early years with the family business gave her a healthy dose of wanderlust, and she went on to spend a dozen years living and traveling around the globe before moving back home to Seattle in 2012, where she now directs the Creative Writing Program at Seattle University. Although she's committed to staying put in her beloved Pacific Northwest, she still enjoys traveling whenever possible, and all those themes of carnival life, international adventures, and immigration stories continue to seep into her writing. In 2013, she won the Nilsen Award for her novel Failing the Trapeze (Southeast Missouri State University Press, 2014), and her field study on education in rural Mexico, Del Otro Lado: Literacy and Migration Across the U.S.-Mexico Border (Southern Illinois University Press, 2014), has received awards from the Fulbright foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the American Association for University Women. Susan earned her MFA from the University of Minnesota and her PhD from the University of Arizona, and she remains grateful to the many mentors who have helped her along the way.

  • Literary agency writers - Laura Moore

    Laura Moore

    Laura Moore, a bestselling contemporary romance author, began writing while pursuing a graduate degree in art education. She filled an entire notebook before realizing that she might have penned a love story others would want to read. Ride A Dark Horse was published a year later. Laura's most recent title is Once Tasted, the second book in her Silver Creek series. Once Touched is scheduled for release in 2015. An accomplished rider and lifelong animal lover, Laura lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with her husband, two children, and their black Lab. Their cat Zevon keeps them all in line. Visit Laura at or follow her at or

  • Literary agency writers - Rachel Mork

    Rachel Mork

    Rachel Mork has been driven to document her experiences ever since she received her first diary (red faux-leather, complete with lock and key) at the age of eight. Her compulsion to journal morphed into creative writing when she realized other people were living more interesting lives than she. Since then she has devoted herself to investigating and writing about controversial social issues such as sexual morality and societal norms. Her novel, Keep Sweet, is currently on submission. This contemporary novel explores the journey of a young woman who has left the polygamous community in which she was raised and is now struggling her father's impending wedding to a fourth wife. Mork is presently working on a historical novel about Wallis Simpson, the Nazi sympathizer and brazen mistress who enticed King Edward to abdicate the throne.

  • Literary agency writers - Judy Carey Nevin

    Judy Carey Nevin

    Judy Carey Nevin twice received a fortune from a NYC fortune cookie that read "You are a lover of words. You will someday write a book." Judy never expected that fortune to come true, but she has unexpected inspirations that she just has to get on paper. Her sensibilities lean toward texts for the very young, especially preschool. Judy spent some of the best years of her career as an editor at Viking Children's Books, where she specialized in picture books and easy-to-read books. She is very proud of the books she brought into the world and is excited to think of working with an editor of her own someday. Judy is now a library director in Ohio, where she lives with her professor husband, baby girl, and neurotic pooch.

  • Literary agency writers - Jeff O'Handley

    Jeff O'Handley

    Jeff O'Handley discovered the joy of writing fiction in sixth grade when he penned "House of Evil," an epic short story best-described as Scooby Doo meets Stephen King. Fortunately, his writing has matured a bit since then. He's currently working on Powerless, a novel about how relationships within a family change in the wake of the inexplicable collapse of modern technology. Jeff lives in upstate New York with his wife and two daughters and works for an environmental organization.

  • Literary agency writers - Dan Newman

    Dan Newman

    Dan Newman counts his having been raised "in-transit" around the globe as his most valuable education - despite a Masters degree in Journalism. The son of a globe-trotting international development worker, Dan grew up in St. Lucia, Lesotho, Swaziland, England, Canada, and Australia. Ask him where he comes from and you'll get a puzzled look, but it's left a love of travel, writing and far-flung places. Dan's debut work, The Clearing, a Neo-Gothic chiller set in the Caribbean, was published by Exhibit A in October 2013. Dan now lives with his wife and a small Fox cub just outside of Toronto, Canada.

  • Literary agency writers - C. S. Pacat

    C. S. Pacat

    C. S. Pacat is the author of the Captive Prince trilogy. Born in Australia and educated at the University of Melbourne, she has since lived in a number of different cities, including Tokyo and Perugia. She currently lives and works in Melbourne. You can follow C. S. Pacat on Twitter @cspacat, or on her blog at

  • Literary agency writers - Erin Peabody

    Erin Peabody

    Erin Peabody loves exciting young people about the fascinating and quirky workings of our natural world. She's worked as a park ranger in Yellowstone, the Dry Tortugas in the Gulf of Mexico and the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Among her favorite topics are grizzly bears, sea turtles, carnivorous crickets and geysers that spout once a century. Her nonfiction book, A Weird and Wild Beauty: The Story of Yellowstone, The World's First National Park (Sky Pony Press, 2015), details one of our country's most triumphant conservation stories. Erin lives with her husband, daughter and yellow lab Luna in the leafy hills of Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Literary agency writers - Linda Poitevin

    Linda Poitevin

    Linda Poitevin is slightly astonished to find that dreams of a writing career really can come true (and was even more astonished to find out that not everything she learned in high school English was a waste of time). Linda started out writing romance (A Fairy Tale For Gwynh was recently published by The Wild Rose Press) before turning her attention to the darker side of paranormal suspense with Sins of an Angel. Sins is the first book in The Grigori Legacy, a series replete with angels and demons, heavenly treason, and the eternal, seductive struggle between good and evil. Linda lives near Ottawa, Canada's capital, with her husband, three daughters, a dog, two cats, a rabbit, a lizard, and assorted pond goldfish that over-winter in her garage – and always feels the urge to finish that list with "...and a partridge in a pear tree!" To find out more about Linda, visit her Website at

  • Literary agency writers - Meghan Quinn

    Meghan Quinn

    Meghan Quinn, born in New York and raised in Southern California, has grown into a sassy, peanut butter eating, blonde haired swearing, animal hoarding lady. She is known to bust out and dance if "It's Raining Men" starts beating through the air and heaven forbid you get a margarita in her, protect your legs because they may be humped. Once she started commuting for an hour and twenty minutes every day to work for three years, she began to have conversations play in her head, real life, deep male voices and dainty lady coos kind of conversations. Perturbed and confused, she decided to either see a therapist about the hot and steamy voices running through her head or start writing them down. She decided to go with the cheaper option and started writing... enter her first novel, Caught Looking. Now you can find the spicy, most definitely on the border of lunacy, kind of crazy lady residing in Colorado with the love of her life and her five, furry four legged children, hiking a trail or hiding behind shelves at grocery stores, wondering what kind of lube the nervous stranger will bring home to his wife. Oh and she loves a good boob squeeze!

  • Literary agency writers - Agata Raczyńska

    Agata Raczyńska

    Agata Raczyńska was born in Poland but now divides her time between Warsaw, Mexico City and Santiago de Chile. Through her art, she wishes to capture the love and joy little girls wish for. Agata actively works as an illustrator for many magazines and publishing houses abroad. Her first comicbook, Minicomic (Editorial Periféricas, Spain), will be published in 2011. To see more of Agata's art, please visit:

  • Literary agency writers - Bonnie Ramthun

    Bonnie Ramthun

    Bonnie Ramthun grew up in Colorado and earned a degree in computer science so she could find her way into strange and amazing jobs—and write about them. She's now a full time mom and writer and lives in Erie, Colorado with the love of her life, Bill. Bonnie finds raising four children to be more adventurous and exciting than her helicopter crash investigations in Alabama or the giant welding robots in Michigan, although she sometimes longs for the peaceful days of virtual war gaming. In Bonnie's first three published novels, Colorado Springs homicide detective Eileen Reed and her handsome partner Joe Tanner, a war gamer, solve murders and save the world in Ground Zero, Earthquake Games and The Thirteenth Skull. Her most recent novel, The White Gates (Random House Children's, November 2008), is a middle grade mystery introducing Torin Sinclair, a young snowboarder who must discover the modern secret behind an ancient curse. The White Gates was recently named a Junior Library Guild Premiere selection for 2008 and was praised in Kirkus Reviews. Bonnie's currently working on Phantom Canyon, a sequel in which Torin and his friends find themselves cornered between a haunted landmark and some very real, very bad guys. Fortunately, this time the kids have a dog with a mysterious past on their side. Bonnie is thrilled to be with Prospect Agency and invites you to visit her website at

  • Literary agency writers - Peter Reese

    Peter Reese

    Peter Reese has written essays for the Boston Globe Magazine, a series of pieces for NPR in Baltimore, a short story in the Looking Back anthology (Brighton Books), and poetry in the New York Quarterly. Most recently, his short story "In the Blind", was accepted for publication in the Kenyon Review (Summer 2010). Peter's first adult novel, Into the Wissahickon (out for submission), centers on an 11-year old boy who explores Philadelphia's vast Wissahickon Park in order to escape the chaos caused by his mother's mental illness. In addition to being a writer, Peter works as a physician on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

    Read an excerpt from Peter Reese

  • Literary agency writers - Lia Riley

    Lia Riley

    Lia Riley writes offbeat New Adult and darkly decadent Historical Romance. After studying creative writing at the University of Montana-Missoula, she scoured the world armed only with a backpack, overconfidence and a terrible sense of direction. She can now list drinking vodka with a Ukrainian mechanic in Antarctica among her accomplishments as well as (narrowly) avoiding arrest in Melbourne, Australia. A British literature fanatic at heart, Lia considers Mr. Darcy and Mr. Rochester as her fictional boyfriends. Her ultra left-brained (and very cute) husband doesn't mind. Much. She's a member of RWA and active in her local chapter—Silicon Valley. Come say hello at

  • Literary agency writers - Marsha Riti

    Marsha Riti

    Marsha Riti is a freelance illustrator based out of Austin, Texas. She has a BFA in studio art with honors from the University of Texas in Austin. She loves to create and takes inspiration from early comics artists as well as some new ones, with a slight Mid-Century twist. She was awarded Grand Prize for her portfolio at the o2011 Boots, Books, and Buckskin Regional Conference in Austin. Marsha's debut picture book is The Picky Little Witch, written by Elizabeth Brokamp (Pelican Publishing, 2011). To see more of Marsha's work, visit:

  • Literary agency writers - Mary Ann Rivers

    Mary Ann Rivers

    Mary Ann Rivers has been wearing a groove in her library card since she was old enough for story time. She's been writing almost as long—her first publication credit was in Highlights magazine. She started writing and reading romance in the fifth grade once she stumbled on the rainbow of romance novel book spines in the library's fiction stacks. She was an English and music major and went on to earn her MFA in creative writing, publishing poetry in journals, and leading creative writing workshops for at-risk youth. While training for her day job as a Nurse Practitioner, she rediscovered romance on the bedside tables of her favorite patients. Mary Ann lives in the Midwest with her handsome professor husband and their imaginative school-aged son. She writes smart and emotional contemporary romance, imagining stories featuring the heroes and heroines just ahead of her in the coffee line.

  • Literary agency writers - Jarrett Rutland

    Johnathon Robson

    Former death metal musician, music production artist, bank fraud investigator... turned paranormal investigator. Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator, (Skyhorse Publishing, Fall 2015) represents Johnathon's inauguration to the world of authoring and book publishing. Johnathon attended Highland High School in Sparta, Ohio, where he turned his attention to the music industry as a song writer and lead guitar player for a traveling heavy metal band for over a decade. After several foiled attempts at world domination Johnathon retired and helped start a local music production company. With an avid interest in the paranormal field and parapsychology, he formed C-Bus Paranormal. Since its inception, he has carefully guided the team's development to include additional investigators located throughout the state, an arsenal of digital technologies useful in capturing evidence of paranormal phenomena, and a commitment to effective investigating methods and strategies. Though he still considers himself a skeptic at heart, Johnathon hasn't stopped seeking the answers to what lies beyond death.

  • Literary agency writers - Jarrett Rutland

    J. Rutland

    J. Rutland was born and raised in a family full of preachers and storytellers in the deep south—Alabama and North Carolina, to be precise. His full name is Jarrett Rutland, but he chose J. Rutland for his pen name so that the focus would be on his last name, in honor of all the tremendous Rutland role models in his upbringing. J. Rutland's favorite hobby as a child was writing and illustrating his own stories. After attending art school at Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, he landed his first picture-book deal illustrating Alligator Wedding by Nancy Jewell (Holt). Jarrett is also the author-illustrator of Prince Chirpio (Thomas Nelson), which is a retelling of the Prodigal Son story. He lives with his wife, Natalie, in Asheville, North Carolina.

  • Literary agency writers - Sonia Sanchez

    Sonia Sánchez

    Sonia Sánchez lives with her boyfriend and a sleepy-head cat in a blue house near the Mediterranean Sea. She paints with both traditional and digital brushes and likes a lot of texture in her work. She loves children's books and her favorite illustrators are Quentin Blake and Fiep Westendorp. Sonia studied illustration at Pau Gargallo's Arts and Design School of Badalona in Spain. Her illustrations have been published abroad in books, magazines, on graphic posters and textile designs for clothing. To see more of Sonia's work visit her website at

  • Literary agency writers - Brianna Caplan Sayres

    Brianna Caplan Sayres

    Brianna Caplan Sayres used to tell her second graders, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a writer." "But you are grown up, Mrs. Sayres," her students would protest. Well, Brianna is still not quite sure she's grown up, but she has grown into a writer. Brianna is the author of Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? (Random House, 2012), and she currently has some jazzy picture book manuscripts out on submission. Brianna has recently returned to her hometown, Seattle, Washington, where she and her husband are kept busy by two train loving little boys. Brianna and her critique group chat about writing for children at The Paper Wait, and you can visit Brianna on the web at or

  • Literary agency writers - Courtney Schafer

    Courtney Schafer

    Courtney Schafer grew up reading Diana Wynne Jones and Patricia McKillip and her love of fantasy has only expanded with age. A voracious reader, she took up writing when she found that fantasy books weren't published fast enough to satisfy her craving for new worlds full of magic and wonder. Her first novel, The Whitefire Crossing, is the story of a sardonic young smuggler and a runaway apprentice mage caught in a deadly game of intrigue between rival mages that will determine the fate of a city. When not writing, Courtney figure skates, climbs 14,000 foot peaks, squeezes through Utah slot canyons, and skis way too fast through trees. To support her adrenaline-fueled hobbies and writing habit, she received a degree in electrical engineering from Caltech and now works in the aerospace industry. She lives with her husband and son in the climber's paradise of Boulder, Colorado

  • Literary agency writers - Laurie Schneider

    Laurie Schneider

    Laurie Schneider has been a graveyard shift doughnut girl, traffic flagger, editor, composition instructor, and green bean sorter. She is the author of Double Stop, an acerbic middle-grade novel (currently out for submission) about a boy who plays with sticks: hockey and violin. Some day she'd like to write about being a doughnut girl. A graduate of Oberlin College (English) and Washington State University (American Studies), she lives with her husband and two red-headed children in the Palouse, the rolling wheat country of northern Idaho.

    Read an excerpt from Laurie Schneider

  • Literary agency writers - Donna Scott

    Donna Scott

    Donna Scott was an adjunct professor at a university in South Florida before embarking on the exciting journey of writing historical fiction. Research was the only thing she'd ever written—not exactly the stuff you'd want to read on the beach or next to a cozy fire on any given day. Then, after a restless night filled with visions of characters dancing—or rather fighting—in her head, she sat down at the computer and began writing her first novel. She received her BA in English from the University of Miami and her MS in English Education from Florida International University, where she also completed her doctoral work in Higher Education Instruction with an emphasis in English. Donna lives in sunny Fort Lauderdale with her wonderful husband and two sons. To learn more about Donna, please visit her at

  • Literary agency writers - Regina Scott

    Regina Scott

    Regina Scott wrote her first novel in the third grade. Thankfully for literature as we know it, she took a little longer to learn her craft before selling her first book. Since then she's published over 30 works of fiction for adults and young adults. She currently writes for Love Inspired Historical, beginning a new series in 2014 called Frontier Bachelors, about East Coast brides journeying west to frontier Seattle. Belgrave House's Regency Reads line is publishing her backlist. Connect with her on Facebook at, discover the nineteenth century at her blog, or learn more about her at her website

    Read an excerpt from Regina Scott

  • Literary agency writers - Stephen Shaskan

    Stephen Shaskan

    Stephen Shaskan is the author and illustrator of The Three Triceratops Tuff (Beach Lane Books, 2013) and A Dog Is a Dog (Chronicle, 2011). A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, his background in screen-printing influences his digitally rendered illustrations. When he's not making books, Stephen works with lots of monsters, pirates, dinosaurs, princesses, and super-heros at the Seward Child Care Center — they are his inspiration. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and favorite author, Trisha Speed Shaskan, and curmudgeon of a cat, Eartha. Visit him at

  • Literary agency writers - Dorothy F. Shaw

    Dorothy F. Shaw

    Dorothy F. Shaw stumbled into a career in Corporate America and has spent the last 16 years climbing the corporate ladder. A fan of journaling about her troubles, she started an online blog in 2009, and poured her emotions out for all to see. As luck would have it, the first post came out in the form of a poem. A few authors she'd met online encouraged her to write more, and in the span of 2 years she wrote over 150 poems. The poems led to short stories, which blossomed into novels. Evident from the very beginning was her voice as an author that is real and packed with wit and sarcasm. Her stories will always include complex, broken people trying to figure out how to start and keep a relationship as well as lots of hot, steamy sex. As Dorothy sees it, the journey is the best part. When she's not writing, she's a wife, mother, and a friend to many. She truly lives and loves in technicolor! Her co-written debut novella, about a former pro-bowler, Spare Hearts is published by Grand Central. Dorothy welcomes emails at: and can also be reached at, @dorothyfshaw on Twitter and

  • Literary agency writers - Kevin Sherry

    Kevin Sherry

    Kevin Sherry grew up in Southern New Jersey before moving to Baltimore to study Art at the Maryland Institute, College of Art. During school, he was involved with the Community Arts Partnerships, which paired art students with groups of kids in after-school programs. After graduation, Kevin started the company Squidfire, an online custom t-shirt company. Traveling and selling shirts from Brooklyn to Las Vegas, Squidfire remains a success, even opening a brick and mortar store in 2007. During that time, Kevin also managed to put out the children's books, I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean, I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean, Acorns Everywhere!, and I'm the Scariest Thing in the Castle with Dial Books for Young Readers. Kevin can usually be found in his home studio with a cat named Sweetie and mountains of books. Visit to see some of Kevin's awesome tshirt designs.

  • Literary agency writers - Brandy Shockley

    Brandy Shockley

    Brandy Shockley has been obsessed with books ever since she devoured the Baby-Sitters Club series at age seven, and that obsession has never wavered. With degrees in both Communications and Liberal Studies, Brandy decided that while she loves both the news and literature, she likes creating snarky and strong Young Adult characters of her own even more. A certifiable night owl, she hopes her books keep other people awake reading way past their bedtimes too. Originally from Delaware, she now lives in North Carolina where in her free time she likes to read, knit, cook and – confession! – watch ridiculous amounts of TV.

  • Literary agency writers - Jessica Davidson

    Jessa Slade

    Jessa Slade is a cynic who drinks by the credo of her Pessimist's Coffee Mug, yet her rough-edged heroes and smart-mouthed heroines always manage to save the world and find true love by the end of the story. In Seduced By Shadows (NAL, 2009), the first in an urban fantasy romance series, immortal warrior lovers search for the missing pieces of their souls to find their way through the darkness—all the while facing demonic possession, Armageddon and the awkwardness of waking up next to someone who knows just how wicked you really are. Jessa lives in a 100-year-old farmhouse in Portland, Oregon with a musician who feeds her, a shelter dog who walks her, and two nocturnal geckos to keep her company through the wee writing hours. So maybe the glass is half full after all. Jessa is a frequent contributor to the paranormal romance blog Silk and Shadows. Her own blog can be found at

  • Literary agency writers - Amy Marie Stadelmann

    Amy Marie Stadelmann

    Amy Marie Stadelmann grew up in her parents' traveling family circus that took her from New England to the depths of Europe to the middle of America and then back again. Okay, so the circus part only existed in her head, but her runaway imagination served her well as she created storybooks and drawings that she stapled and glued together for fun. In fact, it was so much fun, she decided to do it as an adult as well. She learned visual storytelling at Pratt Institute as an Illustration major. Since graduating in 2006, she has worked as a digital designer for Nick Jr. preschool programs like The Wonder Pets! and Team Umizoomi. She lives in Brooklyn, NY where she enjoys sunny days, mugs of hot coco and giving hugs to her grumpy pet rabbit, Oswald. You can see her work at: and

  • Literary agency writers - Carla Swafford

    Carla Swafford

    Carla Swafford loves romance novels, action/adventure movies and men, and her books reflect that. She has three romantic suspense novels with Avon Red and recently sold a hot motorcycle club series to Loveswept. She's married to her high school sweetheart and lives in Alabama.

  • Literary agency writers - Todd Tarpley

    Todd Tarpley

    Todd Tarpley grew up in Colorado before journeying to New York City in search of adventure. He is the author of the picture books How About a Kiss for Me? (Dutton), Ten Tiny Toes (Little, Brown) and Beep, Beep Go to Sleep (Little, Brown). He has also written a memoir entitled Wrestling for Gable (out for submission), which details his four years training with legendary wrestling coach Dan Gable. Todd is a graduate of NYU, the University of Iowa, and Yale. His favorite subjects are still lunch and recess. He lives with his smart and beautiful wife, two huggable sons, a sweet black Cavalier Cocker, and an evil, furniture-destroying cat in New York.

  • Literary agency writers - Kara Tatelbaum

    Kara Tatelbaum

    Kara Tatelbaum is described by the The New Yorker as "having brown curls, bright eyes, kiddish exuberance and looking like the heroine of a children's book, Really Rosie meets Olivia the Pig." She choreographed her first dance, Homeless, at eleven and started a still-unfinished novel, Funky Fran, before puberty. She earned a BFA in Dance as a University Honors Scholar from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and an MFA in Choreography with a Teaching Assistantship from the Conservatory of Dance, SUNY Purchase. After two decades chasing her dancing dreams, which resulted in countless teachers telling her to quit (one suggested becoming a doctor), two hip surgeries, an ill-fated-yet-successful Pilates career, and getting her dances banned in China, she's thrilled to return to writing. Her memoir, Putting My Heels Down: A Non-Traditional Dancer's Journey to Defining Herself is currently out for submission. Kara lives with her husband and daughter Mattea in the East Village. Learn more at

  • Literary agency writers - Tim Tharp

    Tim Tharp

    Tim Tharp lives in Oklahoma where he writes novels and teaches in the Humanities Department at Rose State College. In addition to earning a B.A. from the University of Oklahoma and an M.F.A. from Brown University, Tim Tharp has been a factory hand, construction laborer, psychiatric aid, long-distance hitchhiker, and record store clerk. His first novel, Falling Dark (Milkweed Press), was awarded the Milkweed National Fiction Prize. Knights of the Hill Country (Knopf Books for Young Readers), his first novel for young adults, was named to the American Library Association's Best Books of 2007 list. Tim's next novel, New York Times bestseller The Spectacular Now, (Knopf Books, Nov. 2008) was a finalist for the 2008 National Book Award and has been adapted into a major motion picture. His latest YA novels are BADD and Mojo (also from Knopf). Visit Tim's website:

    Read excerpts from Tim Tharp

  • Literary agency writers - Clifford Thompson

    Clifford Thompson

    Clifford Thompson received a Whiting Writers' Award for nonfiction in 2013 for Love for Sale and Other Essays, published by Autumn House Press—which will publish his memoir, Twin of Blackness, in 2015. His essays on books, film, jazz, and American identity have appeared in publications including The Threepenny Review, The Iowa Review, Commonweal, Film Quarterly, Cineaste, Oxford American, and Black Issues Book Review. For over a dozen years he served as the editor of Current Biography. Thompson is the author of a novel, Signifying Nothing, published through iUniverse. His blog, which includes his paintings as well as his writing, is called He is married with two daughters and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Literary agency writers - Nicole Trilivas

    Nicole Trilivas

    Nicole Trilivas considers herself a resident of the world, but when border control rolls their eyes, she'll disclose that she's American—and moreover, a proud New Yorker. Nicole's globe-trekker spirit inspired her new adult novel, Girls Who Travel (December 2015), starring a free-spirited serial backpacker with ever-shifting love triangles. Nicole is a lover of smelly cheese, drinker of affordably priced red wine, and isn't as serious as she looks in her picture. She is a graduate of Boston University and is currently working on her next novel because she likes how that sounds.

  • Literary agency writers - Gabrielle Small Tullman

    Gabrielle Small Tullman

    Gabrielle Small Tullman always planned to be a writer, but instead became an elementary school teacher, a book publicist, and a mother along the way. A childhood visit to the Secret Annex in Amsterdam sparked a lifelong fascination with Anne Frank and compelled her to write The House Behind (out for submission), a YA/middle grade novel that follows Anne's last day in hiding alongside Anne's fictitious doppelganger Lotte Fried, a German Jewish girl evacuated to England. A native New Yorker, she lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband and children, where she laments the lack of Bloomingdale's and good ethnic food on a regular basis.

  • Literary agency writers - J. B. Turner

    J. B. Turner

    J. B. Turner was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and writes American crime and political thrillers. He is the author of Miami Requiem, Dark Waters, Hard Road and Hard Kill. He has been a journalist whose articles have appeared in UK newspapers including The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Scotsman, The Daily Express and The Herald. He worked as a freelance journalist for several years before he began work on his first novel. He is married and has two young children.

  • Literary agency writers - Joyce Wan

    Joyce Wan

    Joyce Wan designed her first greeting card when she was in first grade for a city-wide greeting card design contest. The design won first place and was subsequently sold through a major department store chain. Twenty years later, after a brief stint as an architect, that design would inspire a line of greeting cards and eventually a design studio called Wanart whose products featuring Joyce's designs are now sold in thousands of boutiques and gift shops world wide. Joyce is inspired by Japanese pop culture, modern architecture, and things that make her happy. Her style is noted for its bold, clean lines, fresh color palette and playful imagery resulting in illustrations with wide market appeal. Joyce is the author and illustrator of Greetings from Kiwi and Pear (Blue Apple Books, 2009), her debut picture book based on characters from one of her best-selling greeting card lines. She is currently working on You Are My Cupcake (Cartwheel Books, 2011) and We Belong Together (Cartwheel Books, 2011). Joyce hails from Boston, Massachusetts but currently lives in New York City. Visit her online at

  • Literary agency writers - Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams wrote his first novel, The Incendiary Agent (out for submission), on the PATH and F trains during his daily commute from Hoboken to Queens from around 2006 to 2009. It was during this time that the NYPD foiled a terrorist plot to bomb New York City's subways. And although Joseph didn't have any actionable intelligence about this particular threat, he did suspect that authorities were taking extraordinary steps in the fight against terrorism. Things like placing spies in NYC universities. This is in fact the opening scene of the novel, where a visiting Palestinian student is tracked and monitored through an NYU scholarship program that doubles as a CIA listening post. In this thinking man's espionage thriller—inspired by John MacDonald and Dennis Lehane—agent Nathan Frost disrupts the principal players in a counterfeiting ring, resulting in a trail of violence that leads him to a plan for apocalypse. Frost is a new take on the anti-hero character, and while readers may be unsettled by his unique philosophy and interrogation methods, they'll be forced to reconcile their own thoughts on what the world must do to keep itself safe—and at what cost. Joseph Williams lives in Long Island, New York, with his wife, Liz, and two daughters, Laura and Anna.

  • Literary agency writers - Kaitlin Willihnganz

    Kaitlin Willihnganz

    Kaitlin Willihnganz wrote her first novel at fourteen. It was not good, but it was good practice. She continued practicing as she attended Indiana University, where she created an individualized major in theatrical linguistics, and then Spalding University, where she received an M.F.A. in writing. Her YA fantasy novel, Dream Walker (forthcoming from St. Martin's Press), explores the lives of a secret society of people who risk their lives in the dream world in order to end nightmares. When their most promising young dream walker, Joshlyn Weaver, is given an apprentice from the outside, she has to teach him the ropes—while saving him from nightmares, her own grandfather, and monsters from her past—all without falling in love. Kaitlin is currently writing another young adult novel, set during the Black Death in England, and also owns the Louisville, Kentucky, branch of Women Writing for (a) Change, a feminist writing academy.

  • Literary agency writers - Tracy Wolff

    Tracy Wolff

    Tracy Wolff/Tessa Adams/Tracy Deebs collects books, English degrees and lipsticks and has been known to forget where—and sometimes who—she is when immersed in a great novel. At six she wrote her first short story—something with a rainbow and a prince—and at seven she forayed into the wonderful world of girls lit with her first Judy Blume novel. By ten she'd read everything in the young adult and classics sections of her local bookstore, so in desperation her mom started her on romance novels. And from the first page of the first book, Tracy knew she'd found her life-long love. Her first novel, A Christmas Wedding, appeared on the scene in November of 2008 and since then she has sold twenty-one novels—including Erotic Suspense and Paranormal to NAL, Contemporary Superromance to Harlequin, and Paranormal Young Adult Romance and Contemporary Young Adult Romance to Walker Books. Now an English professor at her local community college, Tracy lives in Texas with her three young sons. She was a 2010 Rita nominee.

  • Literary agency illustrators - Nicole Wong and Dan Medeiros

    Nicole Wong & Dan Medeiros

    Nicole (Nik) Wong and Dan Medeiros are a husband-and-wife team who grew up within two blocks of each other, they discovered, many years later. Nicole drew everywhere, and constantly, when she was young — leaving treasures for all to find on the walls behind her couches. She studied illustration at Rhode Island School of Design and uses ink and watercolor to create her rich paintings. Dan wrote his first story at age 7, which was warmly received by the critical establishment in his third-grade class. He's been writing ever since! He earned a master's degree in creative writing from Emerson College in Boston, and has published many book and film reviews and opinion articles, hundreds of humor columns, and several literary short stories. Nicole and Dan live in Fall River, MA, with two sleepy cats and two hyperactive dogs. They can be found at and

  • Literary agency writers - Emma Wunsch

    Emma Wunsch

    Emma Wunsch has an MFA from Brooklyn College. Her humorous tween novel, Like (out for submission) tells the story of Susannah Brewster, an eighth grader who returns from summer camp only to discover that her best friend is now in the popular crowd and her mother has started dating a woman. She also has a YA novel entitled The Movie Version (also out for submission) about a girl whose brother is diagnosed with schizophrenia. In addition, Emma has written several short stories for adults that have been published in The Bellevue Review, Lit, Fugue, Passages North, The Brooklyn Review, The Vermont Review, The Boston Fiction Annual Review, and Natural Bridge. One story, "Lily of the Valley", was included in The Best of The Bellevue Review anthology and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Emma lives with her husband, the photographer Nick Gaffney, and their daughters Georgia and Dahlia in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

  • Literary agency writers - Catherine Young

    Catherine Young

    Catherine Young grew up amongst the rolling hills of the English countryside giving her a life long love of nature. She was always busy drawing and writing stories based on the wild farm animals she met on her adventures in the apple orchard and out across the fields. Luckily, her storybook imagination never grew up. At University she combined her love of Art, Textiles, Photography and Communications. Now living in Belgium with her fiancé and two tabby cats Catherine has developed her design business, Bumpkin. Her whimsical, nostalgic Illustrations and Collectors Bears have brought their magic to hundreds of homes around the globe. To find out more about Catherine hop along to

  • Literary agency writers - Taylor Zajonc

    Taylor Zajonc

    Taylor Zajonc's real-life adventures as a maritime historian, Explorers Club member, shipwreck expert and avid world traveler nearly exceed those of his fictional counterparts. His fascination with deep ocean exploration began when he joined a Russian expedition to the deepest archaeological site on the planet, descending nearly three miles into the abyss of the Bermuda Triangle aboard a Soviet-era submersible. As his career grew, his archival field research has now contributed to the discovery of some of the most incredible treasure-laden shipwrecks in history, including Admiral Balchin's HMS Victory and a 110-ton trove of sunken World War II silver. Taylor's debut novel, The Wrecking Crew (out for submission) is a thrilling adventure set in the world's last frontier, a story of adeep-water salvage diver set free from a Moroccan prison and forced to leada covert mission into pirate-infested Somali waters. When his expeditionthreatens to expose the true source of an oceanic plague, he must assemble an unproven crew of former enemies and fight for the fate of the entire region. When not writing or hunting long-lost shipwrecks, Taylor can be found at the local dog park or riding along the Potomac River on his Triumph motorcycle. He lives in Arlington, Virginia where he collects rare maritime books and shipwreck artifacts

  • Literary agency writers - Kim Zarins

    Kim Zarins

    Kim Zarins enjoys books with pictures—whether they're children's picture books or the illuminated medieval manuscripts that inspire her dissertation on fourteenth-century English literature. Her picture books include Playful Bunny (Scholastic/Cartwheel) and Helpful Puppy (Holiday House) and she has three other picture-book manuscripts that are currently out for submission. She also has a middle-grade novel in the works. Kim holds a Ph.D. in English from Cornell University and teaches medieval literature and children's literature at Sacramento State. She lives in nearby Davis, California, with her husband and son.

  • Literary agency writers - Elisabeth Zuniga

    Elisabeth Zuniga

    Elisabeth Zuniga was raised in a magical world of tea parties and fairies. Sketchbooks and stubby pencils were her diet for years, as well as daily sketching trips with her Mum to parks, gardens, and museums. Later, Elisabeth graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance. After spending years living in the Fine Arts building surrounded by artists, she decided that it was time to turn to illustrating. She created Loxly Hollow, an online shop with original artwork that is now sold internationally. Elisabeth currently resides in sunny Southern California with a cattle dog named Red Hugh of Donegal who is the inspiration for her foxes.

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